eXe&Tiny Plugins
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If you are interested in education you will certainly appreciate

eXe&Tiny Plugins

a set of tools intended to facilitate your daily work with e-learning systems

eXe&Tiny Plugins is a suite of components that integrate seamlessly with —and leverage the power of— eXeLearning and TinyMCE. It may be useful not just for distance learning and technology-based teaching, but also for someone who wants to publish e-books, web sites and other electronic media content.

Development of these components began in 2010 as part of a larger internal project at formacionez, the e-learning division of APLICACIONEZ® (APLICACIONES SIGMA ZETA SL), with the sole intention of making easier for our teachers the construction of learning activities. Among other things, we decided to build small utility extensions for eXeLearning, the authoring tool they were already using in creation of their educational content. And since this software includes TinyMCE, the excellent and well-known JavaScript HTML editor, we came to the conclusion that our best option was to create plugins for TinyMCE, either by incorporating open-source programs or by writing them from scratch. Now, we are pleased to present eXe&Tiny Plugins to the rest of the world.

And better of all, it is free!

You can download, at no cost, the entire suite or each plugin individually.

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We expect to include new plugins in future versions of the software, which always will stay Under Construction, but at the moment it consists of the following tools:


Include source code examples into your lessons and programming exercises to teach computing languages. You can renumber, highlight lines and... much more.

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Add diferent CSS-styled <span> tags into your text usign TinyMCE toolbar without knowledge of HTML and CSS language

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Insert responsive-web-design images into your HTML content with a few clicks. Set the width of image elements using a pre-calculated percent value

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